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You are...

Anyone. A small business, a non-profit organization, a university research group, or a Fortune 500 company. In Boston, Massachusetts, or elsewhere...

What I can do for you...

Speak English!

I can speak ENGLISH, not just COMPUTER-ese. And my clients like it that way. If you need to develop your internet strategy, evaluate or write proposals, hire staff or other technical consultants, or communicate with your clients about database or web technologies, I can help.

Design, prototype, test, debug, integrate, deliver, manage your...

  • Filemaker Pro databases (on MacOS or Windows)
  • MS SQL Server or Access 97/2000/2002/XP databases
  • MySQL
  • Integrated with Visual Basic, C++, a website, or legacy software
  • Migrate from Filemaker Pro or Access to a more scalable solution for the web


I design and develop website infastructures and custom content-management systems. I have worked with:

  • Colleges and universities (University of Massachusetts, Kent State University)
  • Museums and other non-profit groups (The Disability History Museum, The Catalogue for Philanthropy)
  • Big companies (Serono, Reuters, Philip Morris, Trader.com)
  • Small startups and e-Commerce sites (vinyl.com, entremate.com)


  • Creative solutions for managing your personal or your business' information overload.